Matthew Robertson

Passion. That's where it all starts. If there is no passion in the art you create then there is no point. Photography is one of my passions, it comes right after my family and watching my little girl grow more and more every day. To be able to lock a moment away, even just a fleeting glimpse of beauty is something special, and it is something I endeavour to do every time I click that shutter button on my camera.

For years I did the poor student thing, I bartended, and bounced around cocktail bars making crazy creative drinks for people; I've always been a creative person and I've always had the passion to create beautiful and hopefully memorable things - so using a camera to capture that beauty in that one moment still speaks to me every time I pick my camera up.

My story of how I got into photography is neither grand nor is it special - I have always, in the words of my fiancee, been "too competitive" even to the point that I compete against myself. So when my friend got a mirrorless camera years ago, I had to create those types of amazing images too. And so it all started with a little mirrorless camera, no idea on how to use it, and passion for it that I never knew I had.

Weddings, Portraits, Fashion, Beauty - the common denominator is people. People, and the process of photographing people is what I love to do and I love to push the boundaries of my photos and I love working with people who share my dream of creating amazing images and telling stories through them.

I would love to tell your story sometime too.

Kind Regards,