Matthew Robertson

Not much to say here really, I try and let my work speak for me. I'm a father of two gorgeous little girls, Olivia and Edith and they make me proud every day

I love photography - I love that it can be so different person to person. I love that you can capture a moment in time with the click of a button, and that you can so readily create some truly amazing works of art in such a wonderful medium. Photography for me is about people. Don't get me wrong, I love landscapes, car photography, astrophotography etc, but for me, it always comes back to people. Weddings and portraits are a natural fit for my style. You can capture so many emotions in one day, and be as creative as your imagination allows. I love that the couples that work with me put their trust in my imagination and creativity and I forever strive to provide them with an amazing look into their wedding day. That spark never seems to go away, and only gets stronger the more I shoot.

I love the problem solving photography allows such as how to best use a location that otherwise people would otherwise ignore. I love seeing peoples faces when they see their photos and knowing that I've delivered on my promises.

Would love to work with you sometime, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards,